A New Chapter

Thursday, January 18, 2007

O Lord

O Lord,

I cry out to You now. I need You so much in my life. Only I could turn life so sour. I just pray that You will give me grace and turn it around. I know I have been a complete traitor to You. I ignored You. I pretended You didn't exist. I pretended that the world was mine and nothing was Yours. Please Lord, just forgive me. I promise to become a better servant for You and Your Glory. I know I can never make it up for what I have done. I just pray that You give me another chance to spread Your Magnificence throughout the world you created.

As my body fails, as my mind fails me, as my soul fails, please Lord, give me a second strength so that I can double, triple, quadruple the talents You have blessed me with. I just pray that You will help me to become a worthy testimony for You and You alone.

Please Lord, just help me right now.


  • At 5:49 PM, Blogger Roxy said…

    I feel the exact same way.
    Those chapels,especially today,
    really hit my heart hard.
    Let's work on this for real- and maybe our entire senior class will too. Good Luck, and remember- you're not a failure. You're simply trying again- and doing better.


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