A New Chapter

Friday, January 26, 2007

Riding the Waves of Life

This week has been really up and down. It had every extreme possible in life (well, most of them.)

Monday- The highest my life got in awhile with excitement- First, the day of celebration that the Bears are going to the Super Bowl!!!! That evening, I learned that TRUE miracles can happen.

Tuesday- Probably the lowest of lows. I read much of one of my sources on the Milgram experiment and I learned how even average Americans can turn so evil. Everyday, now, I will question what type of person I am because of it. Also, that above miracle, I learned how life can truly be EVIL!!! I bet I have the record for that type of miracles, but definitely in the wrong direction. Ah, someday, that miracle will last forever.

Wednesday- this day was not so bad besides feeling like my head was about to explode. I had so much sinus pressure that it was impossilbe to make what was happening around me. Luckily, though, I did have enough creative juices left to write my fairy tale for Spanish.

Thursday- beginning of the climbing back up the mountain. The practice we had gave us hope for a future match because we bowled the best baker games we have ever had. Also, Thursday night was nervous tension due to the studying for Anatomy, but still, in a positive light.

Friday- I learned I truly can wheel and deal in the oil market (thanks Bob). Also, I did pretty good on my Anatomy test, not perfect, but almost great. The bowling match was such a rush of emotions. My last match, a tough opponent, and a deterriogating body. We lost the match, but only 6-4. All I know is, it was a such a sweet feeling to know that the last ball I threw in a high school match was a strike.

Right now, I feel empty due to the amount of emotions spent during thsi week. Oh well, it will be perfect because I have tons of homework I need to finish- time to turn robot.

Andy Newton

Friday, January 19, 2007

How life turned so sour

I figured I would clarify how life turned so sour. Thursday was our huge match against B.C. Basically, it would make or break our season. We had our best guys there and ready before the gmae and life was looking pretty good. Then I went to bowl my first ball, the end. I heard so many cracks and creaks that it was unbelievable. Bascially, my knees and back gave up on me. When it came to the match, I was done for. Ends up, our team exactly tied them. All the rest of our bowlers did their absolute best, but basically, because of my average dropping by 50 pins, we lost in the tie breaker.

Funny, I pray for the one time I could compete and of course, when the chance comes, my body gives up on me.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

O Lord

O Lord,

I cry out to You now. I need You so much in my life. Only I could turn life so sour. I just pray that You will give me grace and turn it around. I know I have been a complete traitor to You. I ignored You. I pretended You didn't exist. I pretended that the world was mine and nothing was Yours. Please Lord, just forgive me. I promise to become a better servant for You and Your Glory. I know I can never make it up for what I have done. I just pray that You give me another chance to spread Your Magnificence throughout the world you created.

As my body fails, as my mind fails me, as my soul fails, please Lord, give me a second strength so that I can double, triple, quadruple the talents You have blessed me with. I just pray that You will help me to become a worthy testimony for You and You alone.

Please Lord, just help me right now.