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Thursday, December 07, 2006

A Post

To my few readers,

Sorry, I've been too busy to post anything.

Basically, there is two weeks till the start of Christmas break. The only thing is, I have to get through these two weeks. Examens are breathing down my neck right now and I'm going into robot mode to survive- Eat, sleep, devotions, and school work. So hopefully, I will survive this ride and somehow scrap through with straight A's.

We have a bowling match this Saturday. We are favored to win against Rossville (It helps that they only have one bowler). Hopefully, that will go well.

I am kinda nervous because I know something top secret about the Senior Girls. I just hope they will be easy on us senior guys. Also, I hope the senior guys won't hurt me when they find out I turned traitor to a few of them (ALEC).

Ah, In God we must trust,


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