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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Twin Lakes Match

Well, what a match.

We lost 9.5 to 10.5 to Twin Lakes which was amazing because Twin Lakes was #3 in our conference, and Faith was #8. If Jhurl had gotten one more pin on his second game, we would have one, but that doesn't matter because he still had to come back to tie his guy.

You know, maybe I can bowl without choking after all. My first game looked bad in the beginning. I missed 3 spares in the game, but I also had a 4 bagger (4 strikes in a row) and a Turkey in the tenth frame. That first game I came back and beat my guy which is impossible in the high school league.

The second game, I really screwed up the beginning, but I finished with another 4 bagger and a couple of strikes in the tenth. My guy though bowled a 236. So I didn't beat him.

Wrap it up- First game, 201, second game-199. That's an average of 200 which is is AMAZING.

To my few readers, I hope you have a great night too.


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