A New Chapter

Friday, November 10, 2006


In less than two days, our bowling season will start and of course, one of our biggest games is right off the bat.

I've been bowling 11 years. I had many championships, high games, and great teammates. Well, ever since the beginning 11 years ago, I've had one rival, Mike Schaeffer. Several times we have faced it other, and everytime it has come down to the wire. In the past, in our league, my team always somehow beat him. Exactly like the Patriots vs. the Colts. The Colts have way more talent, but Tom Brady pulls out the win.

Well, this is how our match up will be. Mike is the better bowler plain and simple, but I'm telling you, it is time to overthrow the giant. Fortunately, my rosters should be slightly better than his. So this time Peyton is Peyton, but he has nobody to throw it to.

Plus, the last time i faced him, I beat him by getting a turkey in the 10th.



  • At 9:20 AM, Blogger Roberto said…

    You crazy bowler. Beware your own self-confidence.....like the Bears against Miami...


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