A New Chapter

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Next Page

I think it is time to turn a page and start writing it.

You all noticed that my internet name is The Last Class Rep.
It was a great name especially since I was the former class rep and that I felt exactly like Tom Cruise when we changes for the better. It represented me well since in the 1st quarter, I served my fellow students as much as possible through "Serving Him through Others" and being soccer manager.

But it is time to move on to the second quarter. This quarter is all about bowling. This is my last year of high school bowling and it is time to pull out every last trick and ability I have. I'll never get this shot again and it is time to give all my focus to it (of course, God will come 1st though).

So, I'm no longer The Last Class Rep, but I am now Pinbuster.

Many of you probably think I'm making this way too dramatic. Yeah, I probably am, but every person must sometimes live in a dream.

To my readers, I newly salute you.


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