A New Chapter

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


With this, I just want to take everything a step farther.

I think it is great that all the Senior guys feel so convicted (except me, but that is a different story). Just, want exact steps are you taking to become better leaders. If you don't have a plan, then you will go nowhere. Honestly, we have to take small steps and precise steps. Pastor Woodall was there to guide me this summer in growing closer to God.

I challenge you all to create a plan. It is time to take this intense energy and feeling and put focus to it. Then will we all be able to accomplish something.

***The second story. I haven't been feeling bad because I haven't been hearing anything. Some would say that would be my fault, but honestly, is it really? Is it my fault that I feel like a ghost at school, church, and parties? I take time to listen to everyone problems, but does anybody even take time to say hi to me, not really. So hopefully, I'll be able to help everyone become better leaders because I've been down this path, but honestly, somebody needs to ask me first.

To my few readers, long days and pleasant nights.


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