A New Chapter

Saturday, October 28, 2006


Oh man, Oh man, Oh man.

I won't tell who won, but I will just say this. It is so much better to be wearing this medal around my neck instead of Mr. Johns's keys!!!!!!


And so the battle will begin. In a few hours, our guys will set foot on the field to put to the test everything they have practiced this year. After many trials and tribulations, will this be the time in which we finally be able to overcame the difficulties and win? Either way, we know what we did accomplish. In the end, we will have done our personal best. Hopefully, it will be more than the other teams.

The Last Class Rep

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Gunslinger Quiz

Recently, on myspace, I was able to take a Dark Tower personality quiz. Basically, depending on my answers, it would pick which character of the Dark Tower series I was most like. I am very proud to say that it rated me as Roland, the lead character of the series and the one who saved the entire universe and the Dark Tower. See if this description does match my me though.

You are Roland! As the last Gunslinger, you have a courageous and steadfast nature, and are unswerving in your actions. Because you act calmly in the face of danger, people like to to have you as an ally. However, you can be cold when it comes to human contact, and have betrayed your friends in the past for your own needs, and need to learn how to love others, or you will become just as heartless as the forces you are trying to fight! Try lightening up a bit.Take this quiz!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

All Alone

I hardly ever listen to Christian rock, but one of my favorite bands is Kutless. I listen to this song every morning and wanted to share with you all.

Icy chills round your heart
A heart that's made of stone
It seems like
Life is out to get you
To destroy what you want
I know that, that you blame me for all that you go through
It could be, so different if you would just let it go

You're all alone
Running out of ways to
Hold on to hope
And it always slips away
You're all alone
But you don't have to
Pretend to cope
There is a brighter way

If you would change your perspective
You'd see that it is true
Life is not always what you want
Sometimes it's hard to bear
I'd be with you, and help you in all that you go through
I love you, let Me change your heart by coming in

You're all alone
Running out of ways to
Hold on to hope
And it always slips away
You're all alone
But you don't have to
Pretend to cope
There is a brighter way

The Last Class Rep

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Ist Quarter

Well, the first quarter of my senior year has come and gone. I figure I should give a summury of what has gone on.

This senior year almost never happened do to some sins I made this summer, but by only God's grace, I was allowed to come back. Unfortunately, because of it, I've lost some close friends, but yet, I've also gain some friends due to it.

First, it has been amazing being the soccer manager. I love the away games because I get to talk to Mr. Johns the whole way. Plus, the guys have been great to watch. So many close games this year, but hopefully, we'll obliterate everybody during state.

Second, the friends thing. I was completely surprised, but Rachel is really cool friend. I never would have guessed that we would be friends, but thanks to Mr. Sagendorf's history class, we have. Also, it has been great growing close to my cousin. We grew apart because of the different schools, but united we are thanks to faith. I miss some of the past year's seniors like Tirzah and Jenni and a few others who left like Brandon, but the internet is a great invention.

Third, my schedule has been a royal pain, but somehow, I've got straight A's. I did have to walk the line a little with four A minuses, but I made it. Micro is the hardest yet second favorite class. It is sort a similar to my future job. (My favorite class will always be Chemistry).

Fourth, the Bears finally have a great team. They scared me to death against the Cardinals, but 6-0.

Fifth, our bowling team has been up and down. Everybody leaves, no new recruits, maybe time to move on, but somehow, God saved the best recruits for last. Our team isn't as good, but they bring back the fun in the game. It will be a fun year being Captain.

Sixth, I've seen relationships popping up. Then as soon as they appear they disappear. The only thing that will stand true at Faith is the fact that I'm single, but trust me, I'm not complaining. Way too many emotions and complexities tied within a relationship.

Seventh, My volunteer job. I love it. It is really fun working in a pharmacy, but mainly, I like most of my co-workers. I guess I fit in more with smart college students than my fellow high schoolers, but that is only because I'm so unique. Too bad some of them are leaving though.

I think I'll end it here. It is amazing what God can fit into life between 9 weeks. Hopefully, the next quarter will be as great as the first or really, as spiritually tough as the first one.

Until next time,
The Last Class Rep

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ironic Twists and Turns

I just wanted to point this out since I can't quite say it to their face.

I think it is funny, ironic, interesting that some of the girls at Faith who I would love to be friends with in a heartbeat believe they are never going to get married. These great girls are the diamonds in the middle of a coal mine. Truly amazing to talk to.

I just wanted to make this bet. I bet 50 million trillion billion dollars that these girls are the first to get married. You don't believe me ay. Well, we'll see.

The Last Class Rep

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Da Bears

Offense, Offense, We don't need no stinkin' Offense.
The Last Class Rep

Monday, October 16, 2006

Write Something

Well, Rachel, I'm write something especially for you.

Life, my definition right now- reality being stretched to the breaking point by its complexity and by the trials that God has created for us to become the best possible being we can be.

Man, life keeps getting harder and harder with each day. I just pray my relationship with God gets stronger and stronger, but knowing that I'm a sinner, probably not.

I guess I feel more tired after Fall Break instead of before it. Part of the problem is that I'm not in my normal bed. The bed is great to sleep in, but I just don't sleep as well. Plus, whenever a break does come along, I can never fall asleep until really late at night even when I still get up around 7.

Back to the school thing though. I get my report card on wednesday and that is never good news. Yes, most people would say they would love to have it, but I always feel guilty because I probably could do better.

The good thing is I get to see real people again. I wish I could be able to talk to everybody more, but that would be like changing an orange into an apple.

Really, I have nothing to say. I'm a robot. I do homework, sleep, eat, and devotions. Basically it.

To my few readers, pleasant days and long nights,
The Last Class Rep

Friday, October 13, 2006

Are you afraid of the dark theme

How Could I Forget Friday the 13th. Well, I must put al little fright in the air. Muhaha!!!

The Last Class Rep
The Blues Brothers (final chase)

I couldn't wait to put this one on. This one is even better than the mall. Enjoy!

The Last Class Rep
The Blues Brothers (mall chase)

Let's keep the comedy going. This is one clip from the Blues Brothers which is hilarious. If you don't think it is funny, well, hmm, let me check out for celebral cortex.

The Last Class Rep

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Spy vs. Spy

I guess I feel like keeping in a happy mood over break even though I don't see hardly anyone. Here is one of my favorite cartoons. Enjoy!

The Last Class Rep

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Hidin' In My Closet

hi all,
I thought this was very funny even though I am pro Bush. Hope everyone enjoys their Fall Break.

Me personally,
Chicago, Here I come!!!!!

To my readers, may your days be long upon the earth.
The Last Class Rep

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Ok, One of my dreams is finally accomplished. Maybe not exactly how I pictured it, but oh well.

Tonight was Senior night at Faith. I got to be introduced in front of everyone for being the soccer manager. In my mind, the bleachers would be overcrowding with cheering fans. Well, it was overflowing, but Jhurl and Alec were cheering for me.

Man, 1/4 of my senior is over. Hmm, it has been insane with homework since I'm taking Calculus, Micro, y Spanish 4, but the treats are worth it since I'm manager.

I just want to point this out since Mr. Grass made the mistake. I want to study pharmacy, but also get my PHD. Very important difference. Probably won't make sense to most, but it is.

I get shocked with each passing day. Since Jr/Sr, there has been so many relationships popping up. Of course, I'm kinda glad to have Jhurl, but Jenni, I'm still sorry. Back to my point though, my jaws keeps dropping. Of course, I feel really really single, but I'm not losing any money these days.

If want to join this bet, you can- Bears vs Colts in Superbowl- losing fans have to shave their heads. I'm up for it since I know I won't have to, but you can still enter.

It my few readers, pleasant days and long nights.
The Last Class Rep

Monday, October 09, 2006

1985 Superbowl Shuffle Chicago Bears

This year's Bears stats are even better than 85'. So I'm here to make the same prediction as in 1985. Here is the Superbowl Shuffle and I can't wait until February when I see the Bears doing it again.

The Last Class Re[

Friday, October 06, 2006

Twist and Turns

Life is just too exciting at times. This evening has been a shock to me, but at least God knows best through all of this.

Soccer team lost 1-0 when we shouldn't have. I don't know what to say. We have lost 3 straight for some reason and just not performing.

I love how the work of the lazy get the hard workers in trouble for taking a 5 seond break. Oh well.

Hmm, it always seems like the tightest relationship seems to break lately. I was astounded by his move. I wouldn't have done it in any case, but it was his choice and his choice alone.

It seems like I would do things so differently if I was in several situations, but guess what, I'm not. There is a reason I am playing the role I am and only God knows that. I just have to my best to play this role.

It seems like this evening has been alittle down. Hopefully, with writing this, our luck will change.

Long days and pleasant nights,
The Last Class Rep

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Senior Night

I'm glad that I was the soccer manager this year. Finally, one of my all time dreams have been completed. Probably not exactly how I dreamed it would be, but oh well.

This upcoming Tuesday is the Fall sports Senior Night in which the Seniors get introduced during the games. Finally, I will be recognized on the floor. Ever since my first pep rally at Tecumseh in 6th grade, I have dreamed of just one day have myself introduced in front of sports fans cheering for their team. I am highly surprised that it will be for soccer, but I can't complain. That means every one of you need to come. This is your once in a lifetime chance to see me out on the court. Probably the only time ever.

Bowling, well, maybe there is a little life left in it, but I don't want to jinx it.

The Last Class Rep

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Bowling Team

And so it finally ends.

The Last Class Rep