A New Chapter

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Roland of Gilead is such an amazing person. I just wish he was real. Even though he isn't real, I still look to him at times.

A saying I created for him is "Highal Gunslinger, may your steps be true and your ways be just." Which is what he tried to do everyday, but just never said it in that exact words.

The bad part is that he is always single except for when he was 16. The only problem is that his girlfriend was later burned at the stake by his enemies. So for over thousands of years, he made his journey to the Dark Tower to fix its beams and say the nexius.

I know my Dark Tower path- I must somehow accomplish the task of getting a ph d in pharmacy and become a researcher. Once there, I will tackle a major disease like cancer, and I won't go down without a bang.

I just wish I didn't have to go through the same pain of having bad experiences with girls. Man, my high school career has been riddled with them. At least all my friends have had great relationships.

I know this is probably a little depressing. So take hope that God has a person out there for all of us. Some are just fortunate than others in being able to click with most others.

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