A New Chapter

Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Lastest Bits

Well, I really don't have much to write a whole individual blog. So I'm through in a little of this and that and hopefully the soup will taste great.

Soccer team lost on Friday. Just an unfortunately break. The Team we face was like looking into a mirror. Exact same style, but their forwards had a little bit more speed. Mike Semmel showed his world class stuff on Friday though. He made 14 saves when a goalie should have to make about 4 or 5 a game.

I have a micro paper due on Monday. Luckily, the paper is done. I just have to make my poster for it.

I think I'm going to retire from bowling. Our rookies are really, hmm, well, let's just say I have short hair because I've been pulling it out lately.

I want to solute Miss Rachel Hodges. I never would have expected such a great friend, but life is always too complex to predict.

I did great on the first half of my calculus test with a 37 out of 37. I just hope I did as well on my spanish test.

The Bears play the Seahawks tomorrow. I swear if Fox doesn't show the game, I'm going to drive to their corporate headquarters and have a nice little chat.

Oh, always be careful with Mr. Johns. I learn that the hard way when my neck became black Friday night. Long story, but luckily I was able to wash it off.

Again, to my few readers, I solute you. Pleasant days and long nights.
The Last Class Rep

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Senior Year

Who ever said that Senior year was suppose to be easy should be shot!!!

A Spanish 4 and Calculus Test on the same day is definitely NOT easy.

The Last Class Rep

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


I brought this one up earlier, but my friend discussed it again and another person agreed with her. Again, she said that no guy will truly want a girl for her true self instead of just the idea of having a girlfriend. She said that no high school guy was mature enough to realize the true meaning of a girl.

Man, I agree with her, but only 99%. I think there is always the 1% of guys that are unique. Why am I standing tall for that 1%. Because I am that 1%. Man, I feel so unique within this world. I feel like a different breed entirely at certain moments. Sometimes, I just have to be alone because I'm scared to death of girls and I get really annoyed with guys because of certain shallowness. Honestly, I've always taken a slightly different path.

If you have any say on this issue, share it, but remember, this is a discussion- everything needs to be keep respectful.

To my few readers, pleasant days and long nights!!!
The Last Class Rep

Saturday, September 23, 2006

The Dark Tower Saga

The Dark Tower Series by Stephen King is one of the best series and possibly the best book except for the Bible of course. Truly, I constantly think of what a gunslinger would do as long as it is not a sin. This movie shows pictures of the series. You probably won't understand, but it represents the series in an accurate fashion- most of it.

The Last Class Rep

Friday, September 22, 2006

A Week Goes By

Well, another week is coming to an end. Personally, ISTEPS are the greatest thing in the world. One, I got to sleep in for an extra hour, and two, I got time to work on several reports I have due within the next couple of weeks.

Really, nothing interesting has been happening due to the fact that I feel so alone. Well, not alone, but I've been doing alot of single things. By the way, I give my regards and a solute to the new couple I found out about yesterday. I'm glad because I hoped the two would hook up together.

Truly, it seems like I am Roland heading to the Dark Tower. I can't see anything ahead of me, but I know I'm on the right path thanks to God. Of course, I hope I'm doing God's Will instead of my own.

I wish I could write a devotional, but I'm running on a little empty. If you have any topics, I'll consider writing something. By the way, I have to mention this because of my current research project - Why would anyone have sex outside of marriage with GENITAL WARTS around. I found out that 20 million people in the U.S. have genital warts -EWWW!!!!!!

You know, I always slowly realize it is great being single.

To my few readers, I solute you- pleasant days and long nights.

The Last Class Rep

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Every once in a blue moon, I'll have a sensitive moment.

I had to work last night and it wasn't busy at all. I just had one tpo run (Medicine Delivery Run), but it was all over the hospital. It was the first time I ever went to psych. It is interesting because you have to make a page to be allowed through the locked doors.

Also, I got to go to NS floor aka Nursery. I've never had a deliver to that area before and I bet several girls would have liked it. I don't know why, but they were taking 5 babies from their rooms to the nursery. So as I was walking down the floor, there were babies on both sides of me. At first, I was intimidated, but being so cute, how could I stay intimidated. I know my delivery lasted only a minute, but I'll remember it.

The Last Class Rep

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sunday Sunday Sunday

It has been quite an interesting day. Well, sort of.

Church was great. My sunday school class is starting a series on James which is an incredible book. I'm glad we are covering it. Afterwards, I was briefly able to talk to Tirzah and Jenni. I really wish I talked to them alot more when they were seniors, but at least I'm trying not to make that same mistake right now.

Now, this is where I got really frustrated. Today was a divison game against the Lions. Fox is the only network that will show the Bears games, but no, they decide to run a marathon of Cops. IDIOTS, IDIOTS, IDIOTS. Luckily, the Bears won 34 to 7, but it would have been nice to see Grossman pass for 4 touchdowns.

Otherwise, I have been doing micro work. I have been going through this past week's papers looking for articles. Fortunately, I found some, but I see hate trying to open the paper. Also, I've been writing my micro report which has been annoying. I just hate it because my topic is warts and everytime I try to do research, genital warts pops up. Well, at least, the websites just had info and not pics.

Also, I wrote a legend for spanish 4. I haven't translated it yet, but I like it because it is about the Cossacks. SWEET!!!!

So, this day has been kinda boring, but work just needs to be done at times.

Until Next Time,
The Last Class Rep

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Da Bears

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Kryptonite is one of my favorite songs. Since 5th grade, I have never gotten sick of it. I figured I would publish some of the lyrics. Hopefully, they will give you courage.

I took a walk around the world to
Ease my troubled mindI left my body laying somewhere
In the sands of time I watched the world float to the dark
Side of the moon I feel there is nothing I can do, yeah
I watched the world float to theDark side of the moon
After all I knew it had to be something
To do with you I really don't mind what happens now and then
As long as you'll be my friend at the end
If I go crazy then will you still
Call me SupermanIf I'm alive and well, will you be
There holding my hand I'll keep you by my side with
My superman might Kryptonite You called me strong, you called me weak,
But still your secrets I will keep
You took for granted all the times I
Never let you downYou stumbled in and bumped your head,
if Not for me then you would be dead
I picked you up and put you back
On solid ground If I go crazy then will you still
Call me Superman If I'm alive and well, will you be
There holding my hand I'll keep you by my side with my
Superman might KryptoniteYeah!!If I go crazy then will you still
Call me Superman If I'm alive and well, will you be there
Holding my hand I'll keep you by my side with
My superhuman might

So as we all go through our variest trials, remember God is always with us. It seems like it will be impossible, but STAND TALL!!!!

Until Next Time,
The Last Class Rep


The human variable is one of the most complex things in the world. It gets even more complicated when girls and guys mix.

When I say "do we really need another girl?", I'm just saying I'd rather just stay away from a relationship right now. Just want to make that clear because I still like hanging out with Jenni, KK, talking to Rachel in History class, reading Tirzah's blog, etc, etc.

Sides, with a calculus and micro test today, my mind is on other things.

Until next time,
The Last Class Rep

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

My position on girls

Brad Pitt from Fight Club

"We are a generation raised by women, do we really need another girl?"

The Last Class Rep

Monday, September 11, 2006

Guys and Girls

Probably one of the biggest issues we teens go through is this whole thing about Guys and Girls. Honestly, I know I have been burned in the past and that is why I just STAY AWAY from girls, but I still think an outside perspective can those of you who are in the ring.

I guess the real reason I'm writing this article is because a person whose viewpoint I majorly respect told me that all guys are looking for in a girl is like an ice cream cone- sweet and melts in seconds. She was so adament about it that I had to take a strong hard look at everything. Looking back, I would believe most guys currently have those viewpoints. The only thing is that she said there was not a single decent guy in Faith- one with a proper view of girls. Again, I would say most, but not all.

Of course, I think part of the problem is that girls actually think like this. It causes a problem when the 1% of decent guys aren't given a chance. I'm not saying that I'm one of the decent, but honestly, I don't look at how cute a girl is. Seriously, the girls I like are because of how they serve others and are virtuous. So I have to be better than most guys, but yet when it comes to just being friends with a girl, instantly I'm being called a staker and a freak.

So the problem is 50/50. Yes, guys are a little shallow, but I believe girls can be just as shallow.

Of course, I'm saying this without any research. So, let's turn this into a debate. Are all guys just plain shallow or are girls just as shallow too? I feel this is an important issue because I want to definitely fix myself if I am one of the shallow.

Just plainly, what do you think?

The Last Class Rep

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Mas o Menos

Ay, Ay, Ay

This day has really been up and down.

Friday night, we barely beat Community 3-2. So that was a positive, and I got to see the Faith crew at Culvers- COOL!!!

Unfortunately, I missed celebrating Jhurl's birthday. At least he was able to get my gifts back in summer.

This morning was pretty cool. I had a 545 which is my highest series in a long time. My games were a 154, 212, and a 179. So maybe this tank still has a little bit of gas left in it. Who knows, maybe 11 years of work will finally pay off. Also, I saw one of our new rookies - Jennifer Costa. SWEET!!! I know she was to have amazing skill due to being a Costa. It isn't Team Andy, but it is close.

The Minus- Hammond game. WE SHOULD HAVE WON!!! That is all I'm going to say. Plus, Mike, get some riddlin pills.

Fortunately, due to having so many tests on Friday, I have just a little homework- Calculus and A SPANISH 4 TEST. AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

It seems like I'm in the ocean - being tossed up and down. I just have to learn how to surf better.

Until Next Time,
The Last Class Rep

P.S. Hey everyone, I check my facebook and blog at least 5 times a day. FYI. Also, single life is a lot cheaper.

Friday, September 08, 2006


I don't have enough to make a complete one issue posting. Some I'm taking collections of a couple to make one whole one.

First, it just seems like most of my friends now have girlfriends. I remember back in 8th grade when they said they would never get a girlfriend. Look now, times must have changed. Just, where's mine?

That brings me to my next point. Every person has their weakness, their kryptonite. I definitely know mine. I can stand toe to toe with the toughest guy in the world for I know if I go down, the Lord will pick me back up, but when it comes to a girl, umm, HELP ME!!! Of course, this excludes the cool ones like Tirzah and Jenni, but if you see me talking to a girl. Trust me, I'm quacking in my knees. It is all about intimidation.

Wow, this article flows great. My final point is my affliation with Mother Russia. Everyone thinks I am a communist dictator. Quite the opposite. Yes, I know alot about it, but only because you keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. I love Great White Sharks. They are amazing and gifted especially when they fly out of the water. I try to watch as much about them, but they doesn't mean I'm going to jump in the water and swim with them. Yes, the idea of complete control is what is cool about Russia, but trust me, I'm the farthest thing from a friend to the Motherland. A gunslinger looks very scary from the outside, but their calling is the protect the innocent.

So to wrap this, let's summarize.
1. My friends have a second half.
2. Girls intimidate me.
3. Russia is cool, but I'm not Russian.

So, my readers, continue to serve the Lord. We must always remember what Christ did for us.

Until next time,
The Last Class Rep

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Roland of Gilead is such an amazing person. I just wish he was real. Even though he isn't real, I still look to him at times.

A saying I created for him is "Highal Gunslinger, may your steps be true and your ways be just." Which is what he tried to do everyday, but just never said it in that exact words.

The bad part is that he is always single except for when he was 16. The only problem is that his girlfriend was later burned at the stake by his enemies. So for over thousands of years, he made his journey to the Dark Tower to fix its beams and say the nexius.

I know my Dark Tower path- I must somehow accomplish the task of getting a ph d in pharmacy and become a researcher. Once there, I will tackle a major disease like cancer, and I won't go down without a bang.

I just wish I didn't have to go through the same pain of having bad experiences with girls. Man, my high school career has been riddled with them. At least all my friends have had great relationships.

I know this is probably a little depressing. So take hope that God has a person out there for all of us. Some are just fortunate than others in being able to click with most others.

The Last Class Rep

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Dream On

I love the song "Dream On" by Aerosmith. Several times through different trials, I've heard it and it perfectly described what was going on. I think I found the next example for it.

This past Thursday and Friday was the Hammond Soccer Tourny, and boy was it a battle. Our first game was Thursday night in which we faced a team called State Line. We had never seen them before because they are from Michigan. When the game started, we knew we were the better team, but we could just not get a goal. As Mike Semmel yelled at me, "We Need Bumpers, Andy!" Part of the problem was that our referee was not the best in the world. As Coach Rush said, "In 25 years of soccer, he is the worst ref I have ever seen." It was 0-0 at halftime and we knew we need to get a goal soon. Luckily, the ref finally favored in our side. He called a penalty kick which shouldn't have, but you get the gist. That was when Joel Haynie put it through. At that point, we were on fire. We finished the game by winning it 3-1.

Our next match was at 1 p.m. on Friday. We faced Ridgewood who in the past was a very hard team to beat. At the very beginning of the game, it looked bad because they scored within the first 5 min, but I think that inspired us instead of getting us down. At halftime, the score was 6 to 1. Yeah, we were rocking. We finished the game 9-2 and we ready to face Hammond in the final.

After a very long afternoon, we finally got out chance to face Hammond. Unfortunately, everything was against us. We just could not come out due to the fact of playing earlier. Also, the refs were bad again. I'm really not trying to give an excuse. Seriously, Mr. Johns was yelling at the refs. We lost the final 3-1.

This is where "Dream On" comes in. There is a line in the song where is says "I know no nobody knows where it comes and where it goes." I mean we destroyed Ridgewood and seemed invincible, but somehow, our fire was gone. Another line is "Maybe tomorrow, the good Lord will take it away." And obviously, there is a reason we lost. Something in God's plan for us that we don't know right now.

But that is why we should "Dream On" Something good is going to come out of this lose. We probably have no idea what it is but you know it is definitely the best thing that could happen to our lives.

So hopefully, the soccer team will be able to pick ourselves up. We face Hammond this next Saturday and I can't wait because it will be on our turf.

So, to my readers, remember that everything is meant to be the best for you. It seems horrible, but God has a reason for it. So pick yourself up and continue to fight the good fight.

Until next time,
The Last Class Rep