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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Senior Life

Who ever said that the Senior year was a piece of cake. I would like to know and show them my schedule. I'm definitely not complaining though because I have something to do.

Here's my schedule for my last week before my senior year.
Tomorrow, Sunday is the Brickyard. SWEET!!! (I just hope Gordon doesn't win again)
Monday, I have a Work Orientation.
Tuesday is the Senior/Freshy mixer -cool.
Wednesday, I have some more Tech Crew Training with Mr. Payne.
Thursday is the Alumni Game (Vball y Futbol) and I need to find people to work the concessions.
Friday is actually my free day. I hope to get a much needed hair cut.
Saturday is the Vball, Futbol Jamboree and I also need to find workers for that. Plus that night I have a bowling party at my house.
Sunday, I have to say goodbye to my summer and go back to School. NOOOOO!!!!!!!

For the icing on the cake, I have futbol (soccer) practice everyday this week from 3-6 except Wednesday ends at 5. So, I guess I never can get a year to coast. Oh well, It is probably good for me.

So, if you find that person who invented the saying, send him to my house, and I'll have a talk with him.

Until Next Time,
Henri Le Chatlier aka The Last Class Rep


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