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Friday, August 04, 2006

My Secret Plan

So, guess what, my great big top secret plan that would quake the world was Jenni's bday dinner with Jhurl. Jhurl and I planned this thing for a few weeks. We went all out, but remember, Guys are really, really, really simple. So, in the end, we thought it was great, but of course, I'm a little bias.

Somehow, I've overloaded my plate again. Right now, I'm the soccer manager which is AWESOME! Never thought I would say that, but God can change people. I also was able to become a volunteer for the pharmacy at Home Hospital. So I'll work Monday nights, and that should be interesting. Also, on Wednesdays, I'm being trained on all the new tech crew gadgets. So, since we are with Mr. Payne (YAHOO), it has been fun. And of course, school starts in a week. (Tear, Tear, Tear) which means my scheduler duties will begin. So, I'm no longer Class Rep, but I'm just as busy.

Please be praying for me because school will be my true test to see whether or not this whole summer has been worth something. Also, there are a few preparations that I hope can flow smoothly and accomplish. Most of all, somehow, I've injuried my ankle. I literally can't hardly walk around my house without my football ankle brace which is not good because it will help it heal, but I can also become addicted to it and have permanent damage. YUCK!!!

Oh well. If we didn't have a few trials, how would we ever know God is there for us at all times.

So, until next time my few readers,
Henri Le Chatlier aka The Last Class Rep

P.S. I love this saying that I created based off the Dark Tower Series by Stephen King, "Highal Gunslingers. May your steps be true and your ways be just."


  • At 7:26 PM, Blogger jhurl said…

    You did good andy. I wonder what we will think of next.


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