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Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Beginning of the End

I love the quote "How are you suppose to know you are living if you don't feel any pain?"

Unfortunately, I feel like I'm going through that with my senior year. My class are so boring and hard- well, I don't know exactly what I'm doing. So it seems hard to me.

Besides some other stuff, a more impassible problem has come up- the bowling team.
Last year was an excellent year. We went from 0-8 to 4-4 and we were a year away from challenging the super powers (Jeff, Harrison, McCutcheon).

Unfortunately, as we were growing in talent, our guys we losing heart.
We lost Tiffany to graduation. Too bad she wasn't a freshmen. She truly had a heart for it.
Next, Mari has decided to not come back do to the school paper. Understandable.
At least we still have Cassie returning, but our guys team is another story.

My dad and I kinda knew even last season that we would lose Daniel N. to wrestling. So, we expected it.
Also, with Brandon switching to Brandon, we lost another bowler.
The real blow happened when Robbie Summer had to switch schools. We don't know when he is coming, if he is coming back. So, basically, we assume that we have lost him.
The clincher happened when the Moore Brothers said they probably weren't coming back. They have real talent for the game, but that means they have talent for other sports like Basketball.

So, out of 11 bowlers, we are losing 7, and I don't feel any new recruits anytime soon. Man, this is not good.

So, to my readers, help me find bowlers!!! I will have to say if we only have the 4 remaining players, we will probably just get rid of the team.

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