A New Chapter

Thursday, August 31, 2006


There are very few shows that I make sure to watch, but usually I always try to watch the show 30 days by Morgan Spurlock. You might know him from the movie Super Size Me in which he eat nothing but McDonald's for 30 days. I really like his show because he really does test things in reality. Last night's episode which was a rerun was about our Jail system. Morgan ended up spending 30 days in jail. The movie remind me ALOT of the Shawshank Redemption. This guys get so used to jail because you just sleep and eat that they can't handle the outside world. Pretty sad, but I think it is a major problem instead of something written by Stephen King.

I think maybe we high school students have this problem. College is quite different. In high school, teaching is Teacher supportive while College is Student Supportive. Basically, the teachers about you in high school, but definitely not in college. From what I noticed from a few freshmen this year, I think that have the syndrome. They hae gotten too use to high school that it is really hard for them adjust. I hope they keep going because eventually they will change.

Another thing I what to warn about is maybe us Christians become too institutionalized. We become to use to our church, our friends, and our school that when a real challenge arises, we too quickly just give up and run away. I know I personally tried to do that this summer. I was doing everything to convince my parents to let me move to TN with my aunt and uncle. I felt uncomfortable around my friends, my school, and even in my home. Luckily, when I didn't get the chance to move, I turned to God. In the summer, I had a lot of time to think about things and I know I did alot of praying and devotions because of the amount of free time.

I just want to warn you all because on the show last night, an inmat of Morgan who had been just released after serving most of his life in jail, was arrested 2 weeks later. Yeah, 2 WEEKS. So, my brethen, watch out for becoming too repetitive. We need to live for God instead of just going through the motions.

Until Next Time,
The Last Class Rep

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Help Me

Help..... Me.....
I think... I've.... lost.... my mind.

Alright, I'm just recovering from yesterday.

Yesterday was my brother's bday party in which 18 7th grade boys invade my home. Everywhere, on the walls, on the ceiling, on the roof. I just kept going, but more and more and MORE!!!!

It did have its fun moments. I took advantage of Timothy Haynie. His eyes were swollen and red from the chlorine. So my mom was putting eye drops in his eyes when I said, "It's ok Timothy, we'll find you another girlfriend." Perfect timing and he did laugh.

Also, we played Super Smash Brothers and I actually was a challenge for the gamecubers. SWEET!!! I feel so proud now. I, the senior, was able to beat some 7th grade guys. WOO HOO!!!

Unfortunately, the weekend is drawing to an end. Oh well, time must go on.

Until next time,
The Last Class Rep

Friday, August 25, 2006



Mash is one of my all time favorite shows. No matter what happens, the gang can make me laugh. Just too bad the show is way off the air. Just a generation too late.

I feel sad because for the first time I saw the finally episode. No more Marget, Klinger, Col. Potter, BJ, Radar, Charles, Frank and most of all, no more Hawkeye. One thing that they were sad about was the fact that they probably would never see each other again especially with BJ y Hawkeye. Since the two of them lived on opposite coasts, it was highly unlike they ever see each other again.

You know, we seniors are in a similar situation since in a year we will probably be going out separate paths. I know I'm taking the VERY TOUGH road of getting a Ph. D in Pharmacy. I'll probably be stuck in a lab for years upon years. Jhurl, for instance, will be probably be producing the latest Christian Rap CD for guys like KJ-52.

I'm writing this to give comfort instead of getting everyone depressed. It hit me when I was watching Mash that yes, we may never see each other again, but are we not brothers and sisters in Christ. This life is only a blink of an eye and then we all will be together in Heaven.

Yes, I know it will have to be REALLY crowded, but think of this. We will live for all eternity with Christ and sometime we will have to see each other. The odds are greater than the Bears winning the Super Bowl this year. (Oh yeah, Baby, all the way this year!!!)

So take comfort in this. We don't have to be like the Mash gang and be all in tears for eventually, we will be together again.

Until next time my few readers,
The Last Class Rep

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Test 1, 2

I'm just curious about how actually reads my blog. It would be a nice thing to know so that I can adapt my writing to you.


Just leave your name and Hi so that my experiment can succeed.

The Last Class Rep

The Beginning of the End

I love the quote "How are you suppose to know you are living if you don't feel any pain?"

Unfortunately, I feel like I'm going through that with my senior year. My class are so boring and hard- well, I don't know exactly what I'm doing. So it seems hard to me.

Besides some other stuff, a more impassible problem has come up- the bowling team.
Last year was an excellent year. We went from 0-8 to 4-4 and we were a year away from challenging the super powers (Jeff, Harrison, McCutcheon).

Unfortunately, as we were growing in talent, our guys we losing heart.
We lost Tiffany to graduation. Too bad she wasn't a freshmen. She truly had a heart for it.
Next, Mari has decided to not come back do to the school paper. Understandable.
At least we still have Cassie returning, but our guys team is another story.

My dad and I kinda knew even last season that we would lose Daniel N. to wrestling. So, we expected it.
Also, with Brandon switching to Brandon, we lost another bowler.
The real blow happened when Robbie Summer had to switch schools. We don't know when he is coming, if he is coming back. So, basically, we assume that we have lost him.
The clincher happened when the Moore Brothers said they probably weren't coming back. They have real talent for the game, but that means they have talent for other sports like Basketball.

So, out of 11 bowlers, we are losing 7, and I don't feel any new recruits anytime soon. Man, this is not good.

So, to my readers, help me find bowlers!!! I will have to say if we only have the 4 remaining players, we will probably just get rid of the team.

The Last Class Rep

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Beginning and The End

Ah, I tried to ignore the truth, but it came back to bite me in the end.

Each of my years at Faith have been very unique. About the only friends that have been with me are my right and left hand men- Jhurl and Brandon. Unfortunately, I have even lost my left hand man for the school hours. Oh well, Roland did have to go it alone for years upon years.

I did try to rekindle a friendship from this past year, but I have changed too much. Oh, I wish I could be friends, but my path is so precious. I nearly had it destroyed this summer and I realized how precious it was. So, because of it, I have to say goodbye.

Luckily, though, new friends will come along. Anyways, my true mission is to Serve God daily through loving my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. So, whether I have friends or not, I will keep going. Is it not true that my friends will not be there next to me when I am face to face with God at His Throne? So, as long as I hear "Well done, my good and faithful servant" It will be worth it.

So goodbye to a few, but how can I help you to others,
The Last Class Rep

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Moonlight Sonata

I have finally found the name of the song I've been searching for for years. Part of the problem was I thought it was Russian. Of course, I had no idea it was by the Great Beethoven.

The song is called Moonlight Sonata. Most of you probably would have heard it already. I thought it was Russian because it appeared on K19. I wish I could somehow get it on my blog, but I've been outwitted again.

Why do I love this song? Good question, but the song touches a range of emotions. At first, it sounds very depressing. But the notes keep going and going. There is no long sustained notes in most of the song. I just keep getting this feeling of "Keep going, Keep going, Keep going."

Which is what I want to say to all of you. I know this week has been tough or at least it has for me. Just remember that the Lord is always with us at all times. Just call upon Him for help at any time when it goes seem too impossible.

I feel tired and worn out, but very confident. In past years, I would worry the whole year about friends and girls, but the great thing is I no longer do worry about that. I'm tired because I've been really BUSY, but I guess I feel better because my Spiritual life is better than in years past. I just keep remembering 1 John 3:18 "Do not merely love your brother through words, but through deeds and truth." and that is why I keep fighting the good fight.

So, to my readers, keep going. Life is tough at times, but with God, we can keep going.

It is exactly like Moonlight Sonata.

Until next time,
The Last Class Rep

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Tough Times

I know these times are tough or at least it seems like, but I am always here for advice and help since I've been through a similar situation.

The Last Class Rep

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A Gunslinger

I strive everyday to uphold the changes I made this summer, but honestly, it was so much easier being the dictator.

Right now, I feel a great burden for certain people in our class.

First, I am so glad that my cousin is fitting in nicely into Faith. I hope he can come back from his recent mistakes.

Second, JP, STOP trying to do a dive or a flip. I swear there were a couple of times in which I nearly had to get up and jump in. You were definitely pushing the limit.

Third, MARIPOSA HERMOSA, PLEASE LISTEN. You are closer to danger than a person on their deathbed. Harsh, but maybe you will take me serious. JC IS DANGEROUS, 1 as a Christian, and two, as a driver. I am telling you that every red flag in my body and one of my friends were flying high. I heard some very nasty things out of his mouth and even tonight he pulled a dangerous stunt that nearly wreck my car. I swear, if I had not been watching him, my car would be in pieces. STAY AWAY!!!! He is a Cobra and he will ruin or even kill you. Oh, I just wish you could heed my words.

My mind is so much clearer these days. I John 2:9 "Until you love your brother, you will be in eternal darkness" (paraphased). I praise God everyday that my mind is clear, but the trials have gotten much harder.

I just wish there was someway to serve these three cases. I just fear that nobody will listen to me. I just promise I will always watch out for an opportunity to serve the ones around me.
1 John 3:18 "Do not merely love your brother through words, but through deeds and truth."
And everyday I strive for that.

More and More, I feel like a gunslinger. I just hope I have not forgotten the face of my father.

So, until next time,
The Last Class Rep, a Gunslinger of the ways of Gilead and a protector of all.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Last Class Rep

Probably many of you have noticed that I have adopted the name of the Last Class Rep and I think I am ready to finally unveil myself as it.

I'm going to point back to the movie and mix it in with my past experiences to help you recognize what I am saying.

In the beginning of my years at Faith I will describe myself as Captain Nathan Algren when he was still fighting the indians. As he went more and more through the stupid mistakes of guys like Custer, he becomes more and mroe anger and disgusted with his surroundings and himself. I too was on the battlefield at Tecumseh. Trust me, it is evil. My time at Tecumseh reminds me of the Strongman's liar from This Present Darkness.

By the time I reached the end of my sophomore year, I was just like Nathan doing the gun shows. Disgusted with everyone around me. Tired of everything because of the past mistakes. But my Junior year I thought could be a second chance like when Captain Algren goes over to Japan to train their forces. The only problem with both of us was that our personal demons were still with us. But we came out fighting like a tiger which step up our true changing.

Captain Algren learns the just ways of the Samurai, recognizes what is truly important in the world around him (except for Christ of course), and is finally able to forgive himself for the atrocities he had committed. Unfortunately, what he finally realizes dies out in his mentors and goes on in life with a changed heart. He becomes the Last Samurai.

I got a second chance with Faith with my counseling. Thank goodness I had that opportunity because now I realize what is truly important. Who cares when certain mistakes are made with superficial stuff, who cares if I don't have a girl friend, just plainly, who cares if I am not being noticed. I, we, just need to go through our lives realizing we need to always be serving and praising God- Eph 5:20 always giving thanks for all things in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to God, even the Father.

I am calling myself the Last Class Rep because I will never be Class Rep again, but I took in my heart the lesson of the best Class Rep - 1 John 3:18 (paraphased) Do not love your brother merely with words, but through deed and truth. So I promise to go through this senior year looking to serve the ones around me. I wish I would have been a much better class rep, but at least the future is looking brighter and brighter each day.

So, until next time,
The Last Class Rep

Monday, August 07, 2006

Mark Roth 7-10 Split Conversion

The only time I have ever seen it happen.
chicago bears w some mozart music

Best Video EVER!!!!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Senior Life

Who ever said that the Senior year was a piece of cake. I would like to know and show them my schedule. I'm definitely not complaining though because I have something to do.

Here's my schedule for my last week before my senior year.
Tomorrow, Sunday is the Brickyard. SWEET!!! (I just hope Gordon doesn't win again)
Monday, I have a Work Orientation.
Tuesday is the Senior/Freshy mixer -cool.
Wednesday, I have some more Tech Crew Training with Mr. Payne.
Thursday is the Alumni Game (Vball y Futbol) and I need to find people to work the concessions.
Friday is actually my free day. I hope to get a much needed hair cut.
Saturday is the Vball, Futbol Jamboree and I also need to find workers for that. Plus that night I have a bowling party at my house.
Sunday, I have to say goodbye to my summer and go back to School. NOOOOO!!!!!!!

For the icing on the cake, I have futbol (soccer) practice everyday this week from 3-6 except Wednesday ends at 5. So, I guess I never can get a year to coast. Oh well, It is probably good for me.

So, if you find that person who invented the saying, send him to my house, and I'll have a talk with him.

Until Next Time,
Henri Le Chatlier aka The Last Class Rep

Friday, August 04, 2006

My Secret Plan

So, guess what, my great big top secret plan that would quake the world was Jenni's bday dinner with Jhurl. Jhurl and I planned this thing for a few weeks. We went all out, but remember, Guys are really, really, really simple. So, in the end, we thought it was great, but of course, I'm a little bias.

Somehow, I've overloaded my plate again. Right now, I'm the soccer manager which is AWESOME! Never thought I would say that, but God can change people. I also was able to become a volunteer for the pharmacy at Home Hospital. So I'll work Monday nights, and that should be interesting. Also, on Wednesdays, I'm being trained on all the new tech crew gadgets. So, since we are with Mr. Payne (YAHOO), it has been fun. And of course, school starts in a week. (Tear, Tear, Tear) which means my scheduler duties will begin. So, I'm no longer Class Rep, but I'm just as busy.

Please be praying for me because school will be my true test to see whether or not this whole summer has been worth something. Also, there are a few preparations that I hope can flow smoothly and accomplish. Most of all, somehow, I've injuried my ankle. I literally can't hardly walk around my house without my football ankle brace which is not good because it will help it heal, but I can also become addicted to it and have permanent damage. YUCK!!!

Oh well. If we didn't have a few trials, how would we ever know God is there for us at all times.

So, until next time my few readers,
Henri Le Chatlier aka The Last Class Rep

P.S. I love this saying that I created based off the Dark Tower Series by Stephen King, "Highal Gunslingers. May your steps be true and your ways be just."

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Rock

****This is the first article I wrote after making my new blog. It is probably my best. So I feel it is time to republish it.****

The Rock is one of my favorite movies of all time. It has three great actors with Sean Connery, Nicolas Cage, and Ed Harris. The movie is about an Military legend (Ed Harris) who has seen countless soldiers die under his command, but because it was covert, top secret missions, his soldiers never receive any compensation. As he says, "These men didn't even get a **** Military Burial." He has tried for years to convince the government to recognize the soldiers, but they never do. So he and his closest men storm a military base and steal biological weapons. With the weapons, they take over Alcatraz and threaten to destroy San Francisco unless the U.S. takes money from its illegal arms sales and recompensates his soldiers.

Nicolas Cage is the FBI's best chemical agent, and Sean Connery is a top secret British agent who was locked up for life because of the top secret information he captured. The two of them are able to take down the rogue marines and save the world. You really have to check out the movie because Ed Harris actually turns back to the good side, but his men kill him for it.

In the end, Ed Harris's objective was honorable. Truly, his men were forgotten when they died for their country, but when Harris's lust for recompensation is not satisfied, that is when he sins and starts the quarrel. I bring this up because it is a great example and one thing I learned in my counseling session today. Everything I said completely agrees with the Bible.

James 4:1,2 "What is the source of quarrels and conflicts among you? Is not the source your pleasures that wage war in your members? You lust and do not have; so you commit murder. You are envious and cannot obtain; so you fight and quarrel. You do not have because you do not ask. "

I wrote this example about the Rock because I recognize that I was doing the same thing. My time at Faith, I have always been one of the minority views. I love Da Bears, Bowling, etc. I just don't agree with some of the basketball stuff, but that doesn't mean I should turn it into my enemy. Maybe there is a problem with some of the Faith stuff, but that doesn't give me the right to start spouting off and waging war. This is where I have majorly sinned over my 4 years at Faith. So, to everyone who is reading this blog and is from Faith, I sincerely apologize for my actions and words I have said. Truly, I have sinned against most of you. As in the words of the Great Gunslinger, Roland of Gilead, "I cry your pardon." (From the Dark Tower Series by Stephen King)

I think in this few weeks from school I have greatly grown. Man, it is unbelievable the stuff I have learned about Leadership and Authority. So just continue praying and maybe recognize yourself a few areas that you have fallen just as I have.

Henri Le Chatlier

P.S. Another major verse I have learned is Romans 13:1 "Every person is to be in subjection to the governing authorities for there are no authority except from God and those which exist are established by God."

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

1 Peter 2:23-24

Hey, I was reading these for counseling tomorrow and they are very convicting.

1 Peter 2:23-24

23 and while being reviled, He did not revile in return; while suffering, He uttered no threats, but kept entrusting Himself to Him who judges righteously;

24and He Himself bore our sins in His body on the cross, so that we might die to sin and live to righteousness; for by His wounds you were healed.

Henri Le Chatlier aka The Last Class Rep