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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Sweet Home Chicago

Well, folks, I'm back. My family just did a week trip and it was actually quiet interesting.

After two days of traveling, we reached Freedmen, South Dakota which is mostly farm land. I stayed with my dad's cousin and her husband. So, if you can explain what she is to me, I'll pay you a million dollars. That night was quite interesting especially when I slept with 6 women. (of course, they were about 6 inches tall, but still intimidating). The next day we headed for the Wisconsin Dells and that was complicated.

We were very disappointed with it because it was completely commerical. We ended up changing everyone of our plans the next day and headed out to the countryside. We visited a Winery which was really cool. I tried alcohol free champagne and I just had to bring a bottle back with me. That brings up an important issue my family had. Is it ok to drink wine? I say yes as long as you don't do it to get drunk, but my dad said just to stay away period. So, if you have any advice, post something. Eventually, after spending time in the Dells, we headed to CHICAGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ah, my true HOMELAND!!!!!!!!

We got into Chi Town (for Jhurl) around lunch and we head to one of the best restaurants ever. It was Iron Mikes aka Mike Ditka's. Incrediable Football gear. I had the "Fridge" Burger which would make a butterburger wet its pants. That Good!!!!

Then we went to our hotel which was right on the Lake. So, while my parents y brother was swimming. I was "sitting on the dock of the bay" Ok, maybe no the dock, but it was still a beautiful sight. For all Bears fans out there, we stayed on the 32 floor (Cedric Benson) and the hotel had a total of 34 floors (Walter Payton). Later that night, we went walking through the city and I really liked it. Of course, I think it was my urlacher jersey, but I felt like I really fit in.

The next day, I went to SOLDIER FIELD!!!!! Step 1 of 3 in dieing a happy bears fan. Truly Amazing. Enough Said.

Then we went to the Alder Planetarium which was ok. They showed a pretty sweet show about different formations, but I was angry with a few exhibits- Physics crap and evolution crap.

I'm said to say we had to leave Chicago then and come back home, but I will be back someday.

A few things though, on Monday or Tuesday I'm heading to TN for a week. Visit Family y Lee. I wish I could see Pirates, but it will be in the middle of nowhere.

Watch carefully with this North Korea situation. Could be very history defining in the future.

Der Jeff, finally glad to have you say something. Yeah, I always liked Marth better than Roy, but the thing is I only know them from Super Smash Brothers. So, I could be a little off on the true Marth y Roy.

So, please continue praying for my family y yo. I felt like I was finally able to have a peaceful summer, but I still have to go through the rest of the Hurricane.

Until next time,
Henri Le Chatlier


  • At 9:26 AM, Blogger jhurl said…

    Hey Newton, I am glad you are back. I bet chi town was awsome. I love going there as well. I still have a trip I am going there this month. Yes. I am glad you had a great time. Chicago now TN, wow, you are traveling a lot.

  • At 9:17 AM, Blogger turza said…

    i think those were your second cousins (so do i get the million dollars? ;) they'll go towards feeding me...).
    In south dakota around the bad lands? thats the only place i've been in south Dakota (and mount rushmore). Chicago's the best! im going there wednesday! yay! Pirates wasnt as good as i expected. too long and very repetative but still funny

  • At 12:06 PM, Blogger contrairemkatie27 said…

    that sounds like fun.

  • At 5:42 PM, Blogger Jenni said…

    I heard that you spent the night with dolls!!! AHHH...i would seriously die! no seriously that would be the end of me! But i'm glad none of the creepy dolls attcked and killed you while you slumbered! Have fun in TN!

  • At 5:47 PM, Blogger Roberto said…

    Step two is, of course, Bears win the Super Bowl. What's step 3? Walter Payton comes back to life?


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