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Monday, July 31, 2006


I just finished watching a cool movie. It stars Al Pacino and Robin Williams. Al is a hero cop who all of a sudden is being investigating about all of his arrests. He is then sent off into Alaska to investigate a murder. Well, you find out that Robin Williams is a future serial killer who just made his first kill. Unfortunately, Robin saw Al accidently shoot his partner and tries to blackmail Al into framing another person. It turns into a great mind thriller as Robin and Al try to out think each other.

The thing is Al ends settling with just framing the innocent guy to make sure all the villains he has captured won't be released. Basically, he turns his back on what he once was just to save his reputation. Well, ends up, right before he leaves, he realizes what he has done and captures Robin with some hidden evidence.

I think this a great reminder of what I did with my four years at Faith. I plan to make this fifth year much different by walking the line with truth instead of anger and lies. I took my first step today with becoming the manager for the soccer team. It was hot, but it'll be fun.

So, continue prayers as always. My second to last session is this wednesday. So that should be great except this sessions are AMAZING!!! Truly, I suggest it. No matter how perfect you are, these people can help you grow even more.

Memorize this for I have- Every authority is part of God's will. Remember that when you get back to school.

Until next time,
Henri Le Chatlier aka The Last Class Rep


  • At 5:47 PM, Blogger Jenni said…

    Managing the soccer team...are u still gonna have time to bowl...or loose at Poker?? lol


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