A New Chapter

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Summer Blues

Ok, except for the homework, I actually miss school. I'm extremely bored, but luckily I have DDR. Yes, I know, I don't have a job, but due to certain circumstances, a job was out of my mind.

So, probably many of you are in the same boat of having a lot of extra time with nothing to do. So I just wanted to give a few reminders on some ways to go in the Lord. (I didn't have my counseling session today. I just have to discuss Biblical principles)

First, MOST OF ALL, you can spend that extra time in Devotions and prayer. I will have to admit that in my past I would at the most only have devotions for 30 min, but this summer, I've had several hour long times with God and it has really helped. Think of it this way. Out of 24 hours, you give your Creator y Savior only a few minutes. I think if we think of it that way we can easily find gaps in our day for extra Bible reading.

Second, anaylze yourself. At the beginning of the summer, I was given the opportunity to look at myself and see what exactly I want to change. Immediately popped up my weight (my born scar) and my lack of acting like a Christian. Instantly, I went on the offensive thanks to DDR y Pastor Woodall. I have to report that I have lost three pounds (trust me, that means it is time to Praise God). The other problem only you my readers will be able to judge. Of course, remember, I only have just begun. I know I'm no where near the finish line yet.

Third, talk to another person about what God is teaching you and what God is teaching them. My parents and I have been more open about what is happening and we can really see God's Hand working through our daily lives. Yeah, even being stuck at home, we have seen It.

Fourth, read a good Christian book. I'm starting to run out of things, but hey, it can never hurt. Currently, I'm reading House by Ted Dekker y Frank Peretti. It is SWEET!!! I don't recommend it to those who don't like horror type books. Trust me, it is completely clean, but it is giving me goosebumps like some of King's works. I'm also reading the Da Vinci Code just to see what exactly our enemies are saying about us. I don't know though, it is hard because this guy is a really really BAD writer. Besides the false stuff about Christ, he is just plainly horrible.

I hope I have given you my few readers some things to do. If you need something else to do, just talk to me and I can put my mind to it.

Again, please keep praying for me and my family. We still have a long road ahead of us.

Henri Le Chatlier